Sunday of Summer

August is like the {Sunday of summer} – trying to squeeze everything in before the chill of fall sets in.  I’m taking advantage of each sunshine-filled day that’s left!  I’ve gone on some great {adventures} this summer and look forward to packing in a few more!  Here’s what I’ve been up to lately:

Summer 2014

1. Crossing {homemade martini} off my 25-year bucket list with these mango cosmos

2. Luke Bryan at {CUSA}

3. Birthday cookie delivery from my BFF in Seattle

4. Reunion with old co-workers in La Crosse, WI for Rockin’ the Docks fundraiser

5. Visiting my favorite {hole-in-the-wall bar} for the best bloody mary

6. Celebrating my 26th birthday with a backyard patio happy hour


Hope everyone is enjoying their summer! xo


Currently Craving: The Perfect Martini


Back in July when I turned 25, my friends and I created a {bucket list} for my 25th year.  See my previous blog post.  Well, I’ve been 25 for three months and I still haven’t tackled anything on my list!  I know I still have plenty of time left to cross off each item, but I’m thinking I could get a jump start on this one.

“Learn How to Make a {Damn Good} Martini”

There’s got to be a bartender in Madison who hosts a mixology class or a friend who knows a bartender that can teach me their ways!  I think I’ll have a party to accompany this bucket list item.  I’ll host a martini night at my condo for my girlfriends and try out my new skill until I achieve the {perfect martini}!  It will be a costly night and everyone will probably have to sleep over based on the amount trying and testing we do, but it will totally be worth it!

What’s your favorite martini?  Any suggestions for how to craft one at home?


twenty five.

Bday CakeToday is my twenty-fifth birthday.  That’s right…a quarter of a century. Amazing how time has flown by!  I have accomplished so much in my life and I have a lot of people to thank for that.  My family and friends have played an instrumental part in getting me where I am today.  I am so thankful for my past and my present and I couldn’t be more excited about my future!

On Friday I celebrated  my birthday with some close friends.  LOTS of my friends were out of town and couldn’t join me, but I read somewhere that on your 25th birthday you should ask each of your friends to contribute one activity to your {25 Bucket List} – each person is to come up with one thing you should do during your 25th year of life.  The three girls I was with took it upon themselves to give me some bucket list items.

I am supposed to:

~ Get a tattoo

~ Be {spontaneous}, do something you wouldn’t normally do when the moment arises

~ Go skydiving

~ Plan a trip to the south of France (then budget so you can actually go!)

~ Learn how to make a {damn good} martini

The list goes on, but these are some pretty good highlights.  As I mentioned, I am really excited for what my future holds.  But for now,  I am going to focus on being {young & free}.


What’s an item you would add to my “25 Bucket list?”  Let me know!