Currently Craving: S’Mores

S'moreThis week in Wisconsin we’ve had {s’more} weather…. what  is “s’more” weather you ask?  Well, it’s the ideal combination of warm sunshine during the day (think 75-80 degrees & clear skies) and just enough of a {cool down} at night for sitting around a campfire with friends.  Add marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate to the mix and you’ve got yourself a perfect summer night.

There’s something about the process of s’more making that makes it one of my favorite {summer treats}.  It’s the turning and roasting of the marshmallow over an open fire until just the right amount of {golden crisp} appears.  Then sliding it off the skewer and squishing it between two crackers with a few pieces of chocolate…mmm delish!   The melty, sticky, messy part of eating a s’more is also half the fun!

I came across this idea for throwing a s’mores party and I think it would be a great way to get friends together for a low-key night (and lots of calories!).  How entertaining would it be to try out as many different s’more combinations as your heart desired!?



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