Keep it Weird

Hat & BootsLast week, I spent four days in Austin, TX – let me tell you, they definitely “keep it weird.”  I was there for a work conference (more on that in a different post), but everywhere I turned there was something weird, yet delightful to enjoy in Austin.  When I arrived I ate at a place called Moonshine Grill – and you guessed it, they have four different varieties of {moonshine} on the menu.  Love it already.  In addition to amazing food at Moonshine, I got to experience a Texas-style barbecue (YUM) and local Tex-Mex (double YUM).  {Margaritas} are definitely not in short supply in Austin.

I hopped from one venue to the next taking in dueling pianos, live acoustic singers, live country bands and even house music compliments of a DJ.  I also learned twenty-some different {line dances} – most of which I cannot remember on a count of not getting it down until the last verse of every song!  I rocked {cowboy boots} and didn’t feel out of place.  I developed a twang whenever I talked to someone from the south (can’t help it!).

Austin won me over and I know they’ll continue to {keep it weird} until I return again someday.

Austin Collage



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