Above the Clouds

PlaneI love to fly.  I love the view from a jet plane window (although I almost never have a window seat) – the tops of the “popcorn” clouds, the sunshine, the blue sky.  I love {flying high} above the hustle and bustle of all the cities and small towns below.  I don’t mind travelling alone either – it’s exhilarating, I have my own agenda, and I get to meet new people (some very interesting people, that’s for sure).  It seems I always have a trip to look forward to, it’s what keeps me going.  An {impending trip} means new places, new friends, new food, new scenery.  Tonight I’m flying to Seattle for a few days to see my best friend who moved out there in December.  I cannot wait to see her {smiling face in person} again (Facetime is just not the same).  I look forward to the feeling of taking flight, off on a new adventure – which I’m sure will be filled with smiles, laughs and wine.



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