Banana Cake

Cake for breakfast? Why not!? I was very much in the mood to bake a cake and I had a few over-ripened bananas to use up. Rather than making bread, I scoured Pinterest for a good {banana cake} recipe. It was hard to find one that didn’t call for buttermilk, but finally came across this one – it seemed simple enough and I had all the ingredients in my pantry. I chose to skip the homemade frosting and spiced up a store-bought vanilla with cinnamon instead.

Fresh Out the Oven
I wasn’t as pleased with the results as I thought I would be. The cake is essentially a very dense banana bread with frosting. The flavor was good, but I think I would add more spice to it next time, maybe add some walnuts, probably not make it a two-layer cake and I would definitely do something a little bit different with the frosting.

Banana Cake
I ended up sharing this with my coworkers and my family, none of whom complained about cake for breakfast! For my first homemade banana cake, it was ok, but I think I’ll stick to bread and muffins when I want to bake with bananas.



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