Currently Craving: A Run

RunMuch to my surprise, lately I’ve been wanting to go for a run!  Maybe it’s just me being sick of sitting inside, but I’ve been itching for the weather to take a turn toward spring so I can be more active!  I just officially signed up for the Crazylegs Classic 8K in Madison.   I’ve run it once before (with little training) and I think this year is the year to try again and shave off some minutes from the last time I participated.

I don’t belong to a gym with treadmills so I don’t often get the opportunity to run as a fitness activity, but there is a treadmill in the basement of my office – not sure I’m that desperate yet.

As soon as the weather gets nice, friends and I will rejoin a local runners group and get our butts in gear!  I also have a friend with very active puppies…I think I’ll start borrowing one of them when I need a running buddy!



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