Spring Into Color

Pantone Spring 14I must say, I’m very excited about Pantone’s color forecast for Spring 2014.  And even though it’s still absolutely freezing here in the Midwest, I know the end of winter is near (knock on wood!).  I can’t wait to see these colors in {full bloom} as the seasons change.  I can just imagine adorable skirts, punchy blouses, flowy tunics, and a variety of shoes in these fun, bright colors.

I am happy to report that I purchased three different items on a recent shopping trip, each showcasing one of these colors – a cross-body bag in cayenne, a peplum top in celosia orange, and skinny pants in dazzling blue!  My {goal} is to own unique pieces in at least 5 to 6 different colors that I can {mix and match} throughout the spring.  I have no doubt that a few of these color trends will trickle into summer, but that’s inevitable in Wisconsin where spring doesn’t last more than 2-3 weeks before we hit summer heat!

What spring color are you most excited to wear?



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