Currently Craving: Healthy Valentine’s Treat

On a day that’s {insanely famous} for chocolate and candy (i.e. sugar rush!) I can’t help but crave a {healthier alternative} to all of the sweets currently surrounding me.  I decided to go on a Pinterest hunt for some Valentine’s Day treats that won’t kill your diet or send you straight to the dentist’s chair.


1. Adorable, bite-size strawberry yogurt hearts ~ perfect alternative to the ever-popular conversation hearts

2. I love you beary munch trail mix ~ combines dried fruit, pretzels, and a little dark chocolate (ok, you can’t really escape chocolate – it IS Valentine’s Day!)

3. Breakfast in bed? yes, please! ~ Strawberry protein pancakes w/ strawberry cream sauce

4. These pretty pink coconut ice squares are all-natural, sugar-free, and vegan! ~ might be too cold in the Midwest for these

5.  Cinnamon coconut sugar popcorn ~ yum! another salty, sweet snack to treat yourself to today

Of course, {heart-shaped fruit} and any & all red berries are a good, healthy alternative too!


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