Vin & Van Gogh


Over the weekend, I attended a class at Splash Studio in Milwaukee for a friend’s birthday.  I had heard of these {painting + cocktail bars} before so I was really excited when she suggested it for her celebration.  I may have been a little more excited for the {wine} than the painting, but excited nonetheless.

Upon arrival, we tied on aprons, loaded up on appropriate amounts of acrylic paint color, sat down with our drinks and waited for the instruction to start.  The studio was vibrant and exciting with lots of people chatting and top-40 hits playing over the speakers.

As class began, an art student instructed us on how to create a masterpiece of our own, mimicking his brush strokes and techniques.  Everyone’s painting interpretation was {a bit different}, but that’s what makes it fun!

SS Painting

What do you think of my dragonflies at sunset?  Reminds me of {summer nights} on the Mississippi River!

p.s. ~ On Sunday, I had my first Cracker Barrel experience and found the fireplace I was craving last week!

CB Fire


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