Currently Craving: NYE Outfit

My friends and I have finally decided on plans for NYE next week.  I’ll be spending my night at SPiN Milwaukee – sipping on cocktails & champagne, meeting new people, and trying not to get hit by flying ping pong balls!  I also hope to be at SPiN dressed to the nines in something chic and sparkly.  I looked up some current fashion trends for NYE party outfits:

Trend #1 – Bold Colors ~ stand out in red or cobalt blue

Trend #2 – Metallic ~ get a head start as this will be a huge trend in 2014

Trend #3 – Pale ~ stand out in a sea of black dresses with something a pretty pale dress

Trend #4 – LBD ~ can’t go wrong with this staple – keep it fresh by pairing it with silver & gold

What trends are you planning to rock on NYE?

Not sure what I’ll end up with, but wish me luck as I head out on my search for the perfect dress this weekend!



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