December Travels

December brings {adventure}, snow days (ones with snow, not the ones where you get the day off), holidays, family time, and reflection.  It also brings lots of food and {sweet treats}.  One of my favorite things about December (for the last 3 years anyway) is that it begins with a {mother-daughter} shopping trip to Chicago.  We go for the shopping, of course, but for us it is more about the experience and time we get to spend together gallivanting down the {Magnificent Mile}.  Here is a photo tour of my day in the Windy City:


{city skyline in the distance}

Walking on Mile

{walking from store to store on the Mile}

Michael Kors

{Michael Kors – Mom finally got a watch!}

Lunch @ Foodlife

{lunch in Water  Tower Place at foodlife}

Crate & Barrel

{no shopping trip is complete without a stop at Crate & Barrel}


{a few of my purchases from the day}


{festive lights and fast taxis}


{ending the day with a beer at our favorite pub}

What’s your favorite place to visit along the Magnificent Mile?  Mom & I need ideas for next year!



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