-Fitness Update-

5 weeks ago I posted about that my NO EXCUSES NOVEMBER challenge was about to begin.  Well, I made it!  And I am happy to report that the Challenge was a success!  I didn’t reach all my goals, but I did strive to meet them every day& every week throughout the Challenge.

Here again are my goals and the outcome for each:

Fitness1. Lose 5 pounds  –> I lost 4 – pretty good, I’d say!

2. Kickboxing @ 9Round at least 3 days every week  –> GOAL MET!

3. Complete a series of hip and lower back exercises at least 4 days every week for extra toning  –> Completed goal 1 week out of 4

4. Track food journal and fitness entries every day  –> Completed journal every day except for 3!

I think that with a few less “cheat” items I could have met my weight loss goal.  I am going to reincorporate the toning exercises into my workout – I’d like to add them to weekends when I can’t make it to the gym.  After the new year I’ll be starting another Challenge through work.  I am looking forward to the “break” this month and enjoying the holidays.  Then it’s right back to it!



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