Fitness Blender

fb logo As I continue with my #NOEXCUSESNovember challenge, I’ve been trying to add some {variety} to my workouts.  After I do an evening session at 9 Round, I really don’t want to head to another gym, so I head home.  What kind of workouts can I do at home, you ask?  I have to do something “quiet” as I don’t think my downstairs neighbor would be too happy if I was doing jumping-jacks in my living room.  I can do strength & toning exercises and while most people decide to pop in a fitness DVD…not me.   Instead I have found Fitness Blender – a complete online library of fitness workouts!  And the best part – it’s FREE!


Fitness Blender has full-length fitness videos and routines for any type of workout you’re looking for.  You can search for a workout by using their customizable tool based on which part of the body you want to work on, the type of training you want to do, difficulty levels, length of workout, and more!  I have yet to explore the library to its full extent, but I am happy to have found such a great resource!

Currently, my two {favorite workouts} are the Toning Lower Back Workout Routine and the Fast & Effective Bodyweight Upper Body Workout.  I don’t have any equipment at my house, so it’s nice that neither of these require anything more than an optional exercise mat.


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