Currently Craving: Del’s Bloody Mary

As “Week 1” of NO EXCUSES NOVEMBER looms in the distance, now’s my chance to savor some of my favorite guilty pleasures before the official start.  All of my La Crosse friends will recognize this one – it’s the {bloody mary} but not just any blood mary, the one I currently crave is crafted at {Del’s Bar} on 3rd & Vine in La Crosse, WI.  I don’t know what it is about this particular drink that makes it extra special – maybe it’s the gritty seeds and spices in every sip, or the perfect of amount of spice from the hot sauce, or maybe it’s the spicy, creamy piece of pepperjack cheese on top!  They’re so delicious and Del’s is often our first stop during a {lax ladies reunion}.Del's BM

Since I won’t be anywhere near Del’s this weekend, I’ll have to settle for a local bar and their lackluster counterpart.  If you know where I can get a decent bloody mary in the Madison-area, let me know!  I’m on the hunt.  It’s also Badger Game Day tomorrow so I’m sure the bloody mary’s will not be in short supply!


One thought on “Currently Craving: Del’s Bloody Mary

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