Week Zero

This week marks “Week 0” – meaning the week of preparation before something big.  That something big, for me, starts on Monday and is called “NO EXCUSES NOVEMBER.”  My mother and I have signed up for this challenge – more of a motivational group – where a trainer will be monitoring what we eat through an app called MyFitnessPal and trusts that we will keep to an exercise schedule.  The trainer will also be posting recipes, tips, etc on our group’s Facebook page throughout the challenge.  Other challenge participants will be posting their progress and tips too!

This week we’ve been instructed to do a clean sweep of our kitchens for processed and not-so-good-for-you foods.  We’ve also been tasked with planning meals and grocery shopping – attempting to eat as clean as possible for the entire challenge.  I am hoping for good, healthy results from the challenge and hope to develop some additional healthy habits.

I’ve made a few goals for myself and have made a pretty poster for my fridge to remind me of these goals everyday.  I’ve also decided to share them on my blog so that you, the readers, can help to motivate me and hold me accountable.


1. Lose 5 pounds

2. Kickboxing @ 9Round at least 3 days every week

3. Complete a series of hip and lower back exercises at least 4 days every week for extra toning

4. Track food journal and fitness entries every day


I’ve tried to make my goals realistic and attainable.  I am looking forward to NO EXCUSES NOVEMBER and will update you all on my progress!


If you have any clean eating tips and/or other motivational and health related items for me during the challenge, please let me know!



2 thoughts on “Week Zero

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