Currently Craving: Chocolat Chaud


Since I’m not going to get the forecast I was (and still am) craving, I’ll have to settle for what’s next… chilly, end-of-fall days when the wind picks up and you hope to not have to spend too much time outside.  This past week has also been drizzly and overcast which has not brightened my mood.  It’s days like these I crave a big, hot cup of {cocoa} or affectionately known as “chocolat chaud” to the French!  I’m not talking the kind from a packet, and homemade hot chocolate could fulfill my need, but there’s something about getting a warm cup at a little cafe or coffee shop that makes me smile.  Their hot chocolate tends to taste better, sweeter and helps to warm the soul.  It might not be “good” for me, but I think it sounds perfect in my book!

Weekend Mission: Buy a mug of delicious chocolat chaud from a local shop that I’ve never been to….ready, go!



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