Lemon Thumbprints

I had this past Saturday morning all to myself so I decided to take that time to do something that I love – bake.  My coworker makes homemade lemon curd (and also reads my blog – thanks Kellie!) and I have had a small jar of it that I’ve wanted to open and make something delicious with.  I settled on these mini tarts, but struggled!  Instead of looking cute and dainty they turned out dense and fairly ugly by my standards.  I couldn’t use the treasured lemon curd in these!  So, anticipating that I might have a hard time with the first recipe, I lined up a Plan B, lemon thumbprint cookies.  These {buttery, sugary delights} don’t have many ingredients, so they’re easy to make and I thought they would be the perfect compliment to the the light and creamy lemon curd.

Lemon Cookies

before . during . after

Well, I was right!  These bite-size treats are {melt-in-your-mouth} goodness!  They’re the perfect ratio of tangy lemon to crispy cookie.  I baked just shy of 4 dozen and have shared them with my family, and co-worker of course…rave reviews all around!  I imagine they would work well with other fruit fillings too so I will definitely be keeping the recipe on-hand.



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