Currently Craving: The Perfect Martini


Back in July when I turned 25, my friends and I created a {bucket list} for my 25th year.  See my previous blog post.  Well, I’ve been 25 for three months and I still haven’t tackled anything on my list!  I know I still have plenty of time left to cross off each item, but I’m thinking I could get a jump start on this one.

“Learn How to Make a {Damn Good} Martini”

There’s got to be a bartender in Madison who hosts a mixology class or a friend who knows a bartender that can teach me their ways!  I think I’ll have a party to accompany this bucket list item.  I’ll host a martini night at my condo for my girlfriends and try out my new skill until I achieve the {perfect martini}!  It will be a costly night and everyone will probably have to sleep over based on the amount trying and testing we do, but it will totally be worth it!

What’s your favorite martini?  Any suggestions for how to craft one at home?



6 thoughts on “Currently Craving: The Perfect Martini

  1. Pom martini and my home version chocolate martini (which, ironically enough, my husband makes more “girly” than I do)

  2. Well you have to try a classic martini once (they are literally spirits mixed together and noramlly only seasoned tastes enjoy them) but for me, not so much of a pure-vodka-sipper, I do enjoy a chocolate one. Once tried a strawberry sherbet one. It was crazy and fabulous.

    • I’ve tasted several in my day, but have never made them myself! I’m with you on the chocolate/dessert martinis though – they’re delicious!


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