Currently Craving: Desk Makeover

I’m a bit of an {organization} freak.  Yes, I’ll admit it.  I’ve actually proudly accepted the fact and it’s helped me in more ways than one!  When it came time for back-to-school shopping I lived for the fresh college-ruled notebooks, a yearly planner, new pens, and a big stack of colorful post-its.  (Ok, I lived for the new clothes too.) 

Now that I have desk job, I get just as excited by all the binders, trays, paper clips, etc. that help me stay organized.  I recently stumbled upon Poppin, an online store devoted to {colorblock accessories} that help to create a chic workspace.  Ummm…OCD heaven!  My current desk color scheme is bright and fun with pops of pink, orange, and sunflower yellow. 

Desk Photo

I am thinking I need to add some more color to my cubicle and these cute accessories would be the way to do it! 



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