BookI’ve recently taken up reading. Well, I suppose I didn’t just start the hobby. {Reading} used to be my favorite pastimes on cross-country family vacations (in a Chevy Astro Van), on 4th of July trips while basking in the summer sun, on days when I had no TV, no laptop, no smartphone. I’ve gotten so caught up in the hustle and bustle of my crazy schedule that I haven’t picked up a good book in quite some time! I am so glad I’ve rekindled my friendship with paperback books that have that all-too familiar musty scent. I’m not a e-book person either, I love the feeling of flipping a page with anticipation of what’s next.

It’s about time I dig into the random collection of books sitting on my bookshelves – they are not going to be decorations anymore, but my {escape} from everyday life. And other than reading a good book outside in the sunshine, I think fall/winter may be the best time to grab a cup of cocoa and curl up with {un bon livre.} Currently, I’m on book two in less than two weeks. I can’t wait to finish this one and move on to the next. I think I am going to apply for a library card at my local library and maybe I’ll even visit my favorite bookstore in the near future (it’s closing in a month, so I better plan my trip soon!).

Book recommendations are certainly welcome…



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