Get Fit

Late last year I decided my lifestyle needed a change.  A {healthy} change. Something that would help me set goals, get motivated, and feel better every day.  Thanks to my best friend who suggested we check it out, I’ve now become obsessed with kickboxing.

For just over 8 months I’ve been showing up at a local kickboxing gym, 9Round, to get my butt kicked by trainers.  I leave each workout {sweaty} and tired and smiling.9 round

I used to workout at an “everything” gym.  I didn’t want to pay for personal training so I just got on a treadmill for half an hour, ran, did some crunches, and went home.  I didn’t know how to lift weights or do anything that strenuous.  So instead of embarrassing myself, my philosophy became get-in-get-out and don’t talk to anyone.

I’m so much happier at 9Round – not just because it’s a great stress reliever, but also because I feel like am part of a community.  I love having my workout partner (together dubbed “Pinky and The Brain”), but I’m also not afraid to walk in by myself for a workout and talk to other people.  The trainers have helped me become more familiar with a total body workout instead of just running or working my core.  I’ve toned up, I’ve gained muscle, and I’ve lost inches. Success!

At this point, I’m going to keep going and never stop.  It’s {addicting} and it’s a workout that I’ve seen results with.  I’d like to say “it would be nice to do less burpees” but I’d do 10x more burpees just to keep seeing results.


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