Summer Lovin’ Had Me A Blast

SunshineLabor Day has come and gone signaling the calendar end of summer.  As much as I am excited for {fall} I am sad to see summer go.  I had lots of fun – made new friends, visited new places, and tried new things.  BUT part of me still feels like I didn’t truly get to enjoy the season of sunshine and good times.  I think that comes with growing up…gone are the 3-month breaks with no worries except maybe what you’re going to do once you roll out of bed around noon.  When you’re adult, summer really consists of the adventures you can cram into the {few weekends} when the weather actually cooperates.  Each weekend is planned in advance and soon you run out of “free time.”  It’s frustrating, but at the same time, it helps you treasure those times even more.  As long as the weather remains relatively warm, I plan to soak up those final summer rays by spending nights on patios, grilling out, and painting my nails hot pink.



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