Color Me Sinful


So, some people may say I have an “addiction,” but I believe obsession is more appropriate.  I am {obsessed} with nail polish.

I change my nail color almost every week.  There’s just something about matching your nails to your mood that makes me happy.  One of the brands of nail polish I own A TON of is Sinful Colors.  I usually pick up a new color (or 3) each time I’m at Walgreens or a convenience store.  It’s easy when the price per bottle is $1.99 and they’re often on sale.  It may lean toward unhealthy, but I think of it as building my collection of colors and choices.  Colorful nail polish is also a way to express yourself in a small, but fun way!


What are some of your beauty-related “obsessions”?  I would love to know if anyone else loves nail polish as much as me!


2 thoughts on “Color Me Sinful


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