Freedom Likes to Reign, The Flag Likes to Fly

Fourth of July (otherwise known as Independence Day) is my {favorite holiday} and not because of the history behind it, but because of what it represents for me.  For as long as I can remember, my family and I have traveled “up north” to Trempealeau, WI to spend the holiday on the good ol’ Mississippi River.  After the Fourth we would usually head out on some big cross-country road trip for our family vacation.  We have all since grown up and no longer sit in a van together for hours on end stopping in po-dunk towns on our way to some obscure place in the US, but we still manage to head back to Trempealeau for good food, drinks, and family time.

To me, Fourth of July is…

Family  …  Fireworks  …  River  …  Boating  …  Drinking (or this year, “Drink of the Day”)  …  Grilling  …  Watermelon  …  Sunsets  …  Ice Cream  …  Sunshine  …  Floating  …  Red, White, & Blue  …  Fireflies  …  Schnapps  …  Corn on the Cob  …  Flag  …  Sparklers  …  Summer


What is your favorite Fourth of July tradition?






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