State of Mind

Today was very {trying} and I didn’t realize it until it all came crashing into me at once.  Without divulging the details of my frustration, I will write about what I’m questioning.

Most people you meet will tell you they’re good at something or an expert in a particular topic or that they’re most looked up to for doing this or being this.  But what happens when that one characterization is challenged by others?  And not just once, but constantly and repetitively.  Each challenge doesn’t come in the same shape or form, but what do you do when you’ve reached your limit of being confronted?

Some may argue that you become stronger, smarter (whatever adjective) each time you have to defend what you know and who you are.  But do you want to spend your whole life defending yourself?  Should you?

Is it a matter of changing their mind about you or changing your mind about yourself?



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