Run for the Roses

137th Kentucky DerbyFor as long as I can remember, I have loved watching the {Kentucky Derby}.  No, not for the horse racing, but for the hats!  I dreamed that one day I would own an elaborate Derby hat and attend or host a viewing party.  This year it’s finally happening!  Saturday, I’m attending a Kentucky Derby Party and I’ve got a fabulous dress and a hat to match – the hat did need a few more embellishments though, to make it more “Derby-like.”  I look forward to placing bets on some of my favorite jockeys & horses and watching The Most Exciting Two Minutes In Sports while I parade around in my big, fancy hat.

Another reason I’ve always looked forward to the Kentucky Derby each year is for the road trip to the casino with my Grandpa and Grandma to bet on the horses (and I mean really bet, like serious chunk-of-change payoff bets).  Recently, my Grandma passed and Derby Day won’t be the same without her.  I hope she sends some rays of {sunshine} down from heaven on Saturday and also sends some good luck my way.  I will sip my {mint julep} – smile & think of her, always and forever.





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