Trend Alert: Scallop

I am due for another fashion-related post…  A new trend has emerged since my last post – turns out the chevron trend got some rounded edges and turned to scallop.  We are seeing scalloped edges to accent articles of clothing and to add character to jewelry.  With {spring} quickly approaching this is definitely the perfect trend to add to your wardrobe!  Here are some of my recent favorite finds:

1. Open-Back Blouse


What a perfect top for spring (love it with the jewelry and pink ombre jeans too!)  The cutesy detail on the scalloped edge is balanced by the sexy, chic cut-out back.

2. Gold Ring


This adorable {kate spade} ring is a perfect way to wear the trend without being too obvious.

3. Cooperative Scalloped Peplum Dress


This dress by {Urban Outfitters} combines two trends – the peplum and the scallop.  The two blend so well in this one piece – I’m also loving the neckline.  A great pair of heels would definitely make this dress stand out!

4. Brass Necklace


A statement piece to add to your collection would be this brass scallop necklace – found here on Etsy.  What a great way to embrace the trend with a great mix-and-match piece!

5. Bandage Skirt


A skirt in a bright, punchy {coral} color is a definite must-have for spring, but what better way to add extra oomph than with tiered scallops!  Only $39 from {the blue door boutique} – what a steal!

What do you think of my favorite finds?  Have you indulged in the scallop trend yet?



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