Skinny Dip

DLUXFresh {blueberry} purée, blueberry {Stoli} and house lo-cal blueberry lemon soda…these are the ingredients in my go-to drink, the “Skinny Dip” at my favorite aprés work watering hole, DLUX.  “Burgers, Cocktails, and General Swank…” is this bar’s tagline.  Now, I can’t speak to the food because I have only been here for drinks, but the cocktails and the atmosphere are what make this place so appealing.  Lighting at DLUX gives the place a soft glow and the retro art makes it lounge-style.  I’ll call it {scaled-down upscale.}

Rarely do I pass up the opportunity to grab drinks with friends especially when this is the chosen place for happy hour.  Take last week for example, after a happy hour event, I was persuaded to join Dr. X, The Sizzler, and Braveheart at DLUX for drinks (they chose these names, not me).  Ok, so they didn’t really have to “persuade” me – just say DLUX, and I’m there!



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