Yes, I created my own hashtag and no, it did not trend – not worldwide, not locally.  I created my own hashtag to document all of the adventures I got to go on with my best friend from New York while she was visiting me these past four days.  We’re just two girls who met in {France} during their study abroad, formed a friendship in 3 weeks and have kept in touch over 3 years!  Outside of her making fun of the “Wisconsin accent” we galavanted around Madison visiting several “staple” locations and some new!

A top-10 rundown of our time together {#NYinWI}

  1. MKE airport – all {smiles}
  2. Chocolate chip scones – mmm
  3. Pjs until noon {everyday}
  4. Our own version of shrimp scampi – delish
  5. State Street.Capitol Square.State Street
  6. Tapas & wine at The Icon – “that makes sense”
  7. Pineapple slices at the Brocach – WOAH
  8. Manicures and dinner with my family – homesweethome
  9. Outlet mall – BR obsession
  10. MKE airport – frowns & tears

We only get to see each other once per year so next up on the agenda is someplace with a lot of {sunshine}.  2014 takes us to Florida – until then my love!  {amis en floride}


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