Almost Old

Last week I celebrated my 1/2 birthday [and by celebrated, I mean taking the night off from the gym and having a glass of wine…woo!].  It made me realize that I have 6 months until I turn a quarter-century.  It’s crazy to think about and I have heard so many people say “once you turn 25, it’s all downhill from there.”  Really…at 25?!  So what am I going to do with my last six months as a youngster??

Well for starters, I am looking forward to a trip to VEGAS in May!  It will be my first time in Sin City and I am excited to live it up!  I am attending a wedding in April of a good college friend – I can’t wait to watch her and her fiancé start their lives together.  I plan to finally get a tattoo – a version of something I’ve wanted since I was 16.

In addition to the “wild and crazy”, I am excited to do some more volunteering with local organizations and develop new skills by attending professional development conferences (another trip to VEGAS!).

I believe I still have my whole life ahead of me, but I am planning to make the most out of my “last” six months…after that, it’s time for some bifocals, a cane, and a good crossword puzzle.



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